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Mobility Clinic

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Physiotherapy employs a physical approach to treatment of diseases, health conditions and resulting bodily dysfunction with the aim for the individual to reach their maximum potential.

Physiotherapy uses therapeutic means like massage, manipulation of joints,
exercise programs, stretches, education, electrotherapy amongst other methods. The aim
of physiotherapy is to promote mobility, restore function, reduce pain and limit further
deterioration of overall health. A physiotherapist usually carries out assessments by
way of questioning the individual, performing some physical tests and gathering other
information such as medical history, imaging or laboratory result to make a diagnosis and
then, determine the course of treatment and management of their health condition.

Physiotherapy is not just concerned with an individual’s physical health but also their
psychological, emotional and social well being. Therefore a physiotherapist most often
interact with other health professionals, family members, care givers and communities to
ensure the one being cared for can achieve better function and quality of life.

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